If youíre alive, you are at risk of something. It is impossible to live your life without facing some sort of risk on a daily basis. Since you canít avoid all risk, itís up to you to try to manage some of the greater risks in your life, so that you can minimize the possible risk of a financial disaster.

How can I minimize loss?

Risk management is the process of identifying potential situations involving risk and figuring out the best way to avoid these risks — or how to quickly recover from any loss or damage caused by situations beyond your control. Your goal is to minimize any risk or potential for risk through thorough planning.

Protection against losses by having adequate insurance coverage is a key part of risk management. For example, if your home or business is located in a part of the country prone to hurricanes, you may want to purchase storm or flood insurance. Then, if you have adequate coverage, your insurance will cover the costs to repair damage caused by high winds, rain, rising water, and hail that accompany hurricanes, tornados, or thunderstorms.